Brazilian President Lula concluded his first mission in Europe by bringing home an axis Brazil-EU biofuels and an important agreement in Brussels on production and sale of environmentally friendly fuels. Brazil and the European Union have signed a document for the establishment of a partnership on the development of the biofuels industry. At the center of the birth of an international market for ethanol, the fuel of vegetable origin derived from sugar cane.

During diplomatic meetings President Lula has denied the existence of a social and environmental impact resulting from the production of biofuel, reiterating that the Brazilian experience shows how the bioethanol sector avvantaggi own the most favored agricultural population.

Thus, President Lula has shown to want to deploy against the unfavorable face of biofuels. In 2007, Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro expressed a contrary position to the development of biofuel because of the possible impact on agriculture food. Europe showing particular attention to the nascent biofuels market with the ambitious target of achieving by 2020 to cover up to 10% of its consumption with green fuels. The proposed international politics by Lula concerns sull’abbattimento of duties that penalize today’s agri-food exports in order to promote the internationalization of the biofuel market.