The Japanese government has decided to revive the national agriculture to meet the growing global biofuel production and offset the future imbalances between supply and demand in international markets.

The White Paper on Agriculture published in Japan takes note of the new US policy on biofuels and the impact that it will have to rise in agricultural commodity prices on US exports in the next few decades.

According to recent studies, the choice of Washington to invest in the ethanol plant as a substitute for gasoline This suggests a radical change in international markets and on the agri-food trade flows. At the same time, the Japanese document also considers how other variable determining the natural growth of the grains from emerging countries consumption.

Based on these two future events, the Japanese government has decided to focus the revaluation of its agricultural sector in order to achieve agricultural independence of the Japanese domestic market than the rest of the world. The agricultural sector will be raised through the recovery of uncultivated or abandoned fields and the start of large-scale cultivation.