During the ‘Biogas for Better Life Conference: An African Initiative’ held on 22 May 2007 in Nairobi was prepared a plan for the supply of renewable energy to 20 million households in 25 African countries, including Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa.

The initiative will be supported by the presence of the Dutch company’s technology partners such as SNV and Hivos, the company already engaged in similar projects in Vietnam and Nepal, and focused on distributed generation of renewable energy from biogas.

The first stage of the program is being implemented in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda. A small biogas plant has a low cost and can be used as raw material the dung of animals, as well as being easily distributed throughout the territory are located a short distance from the electricity consumption sites and sites not yet reached by the service.

The spread of the biogas plants will also support the production of fuel of biological origin. The biogas program will also enable the creation of a local supply chain and thus increased employment not qualified in rural areas. Based on the objectives, the program will allow the use of biogas to 10 million people by 2015.