An analysis of Coldiretti sums up the impact of transport in the biofuel sector. According to Coldiretti import of vegetable oil of Brazilian origin implies a sea voyage of over 9 thousand kilometers with an energy consumption which corresponds to 6 percent of the energy contained in the products transported.

The vegetable oil transport from the Congo, about 5,000 kilometers by sea, consumes 3.3 percent of energy transported. The energetic nature of environmental costs are added to those arising from clearing of forests and natural habitat destruction to the detriment of biodiversity of the places of origin of the raw material as was done in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

According to Coldiretti importing biofuels, it may be limited by the presence in Italy of the land, the professional competence and appropriate technologies to developing within the confines of the production of bioenergy. Italian agriculture has enormous potential especially in the bioethanol sector, produced by the fermentation and distillation of sugar materials, starch or by-products such as cereals, sugar beet and the distillation of wine. Despite all speak in favor of biofuels, imposing even short-term targets for the uptake of biofuels, little or nothing is done instead on the side of the fines to be imposed in case of failure to achieve objectives.