Biofuel from latteIn New Zealand is pioneering the production of biofuel from milk. The product “Gull Force 10 biofuel” is a mixture of gasoline mixed with ethanol at 10%. Ethanol is made from whey which is a natural by-product dairy industry in New Zealand. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, has commented on the trial that could lighten the energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions of the southern country. According to a national policy approved in February 2007 by the New Zealand government biofuel, it must be introduced above 3.4% by the oil companies by 2012. No coincidence that the idea of producing bioethanol from milk came from a small national oil company the Gull petrol, which thus adapts to time with new regulations and injects a vital economic boost to the local dairy industry. The national establishment Fonterra’s Edgecumbe is already able to produce 30 thousand liters of ethanol per day.

De-taxation of biofuels in New Zealand. To facilitate the introduction to the biofuel the New Zealand government has eliminated all forms of taxation on the share allocated to bio-ethanol so as to encourage competition between companies and the reduction of the production cost. Prime Minister Helen Clark, who in the press agencies is photographed in a biofuel gas station told the press to believe in the potential of renewable energy in the country.