About Us


The Funny thing is when it comes to an about page, it is as much about you, the reader, as it is about us. What do we mean by that? Typically an about us section is all about who we are as writers, businesses, and corporations. But instead of going the traditional route we will instead focus on the value that we provide the reader. What we hope to do with this website is provide top-notch invaluable information respecting renewable and clean energy sources. It will be all about the biofuel revolution and how things are swiftly changing for the better in this emergent market.

Intended Audience

Who are we writing this for? Our intended audience is anyone who has an intense or passive interest in biofuel, renewable energy, and clean energy sources. It is for people who are looking for factual, opinionated, and informational blog posts and articles regarding this topic. There will be technical articles written as well but for the most part, we would like to keep it lighthearted and easy to understand for a general audience, while introducing a little bit of the science into it as well. We want everyone to be able to benefit from our information.

What to Expect

What should you expect from this blog? Well, you should know that we are very passionate about the biofuel revolution. You can expect articles written about clean fuels and why it must be a priority for the international governments around the world to address. You can look forward to predictive articles about the future of renewable energy sources, and outcomes of what will happen if we don’t pursue cleaner energy. Passionate postings, written by people who are serious about this topic. So ultimately this will become one of the best informational resources on this subject for regular people to read, in plain English, and styled in an engaging and personal nature.

Why You Should Read

So, why should you read this blog? You should read our posts because you are looking for information on ways we can contribute to preserving our planet for future and current generations. You are interested in alternative energy sources and would like to learn more. You take our environment seriously, and you know that we only get one earth, and it is collectively up to everyone here to protect it. You should read this blog because you care and you are looking for more insight regarding this subject matter, and that is what we will provide you.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to become a very assessable source of information on biofuel, biogasses, renewable, clean, and alternative energy sources. It is about being a force in this revolution, getting the news out to the people, speaking about the topics that you won’t find in the mainstream media, and becoming a resource that is cited, one that can be trusted, and one that people will love to read. So, our goal is to become what is missing from this informational niche and focus on digital readership.


You will find many writers from the grassroots movement of renewable fuels, biofuels, and clean energy. These are people who have been in the trenches protesting, fighting, writing, and arguing for a shift in how we use our natural resources. You will find young writers who are very knowledgeable in the subject along with seasoned authors as well. Our journalists have spent a lot of time studying and analyzing this issue and blogging about what things must change and how they affect the world. So, we supply the expertise that you need when it comes to the matter of efficient energy and fuel options.

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We look forward to bringing you quality information surrounding this green movement. And we can’t wait to engage with you in our comments and on social media. You have found the perfect place to acquire more knowledge regarding the clean energy movement and what is happening around the world.